Search Engine Optimization: Basic Information

Search Engine Optimization is shortly known as SEO that uses for appearing among the top listing on SERP.

Search Engine Optimization: Basic Information

There are three ways ranking our pages: White Hat, Black Hat and Gray Hat.

Search Engine Optimisation

We will discuss about White Hat methods all over this article on Search Engine Optimization. To optimize a web page  Internally. There are some criteria which are shown below:

Choosing Domain Name

Each and every web site has its own domain name which is unique. The Domain name represents our website. We have to bear in mind that Domain name should not be long. Domain name is also considered as a keyword.

Domain Name

Using Meta Tag

Search engine doesn’t see as we see a web page .They only can see the code and it is very important to have a clean code. Meta tags are part of our web pages code and they have great importance. Meta tags have thee parts, We are going to discuss those one by one:

Meta Tags

We must include our keyword phrases in the Title Tag and we should set the Title at the top of the page.
The code for Meta Title:<title>HERE IS OUR TILTE</title>


The Description Tag does not have any effect on SEO and Ranking. We should use Description to make people click on our website. Description Tag is actually say what our site is in short. Description should not be long than 200 words.
The code for Meta Description :<meta name=”description” content=”THIS IS OUR DESCRIPTION” />


Actually, The Keyword Tags have no effect on our On-page SEO and Ranking also. We have to use keyword tag to tell Search Engine for what keywords to Rank over web page. Keyword should not be more than 10 words.
The code for Meta Keyword:<meta name=”keywords” content=”keyword1,keyword2,….” />

Introducing Heading Tag

Placing our keyword phrases into the Heading Tag is another thing we should do that will optimize our On-page SEOH1 tag is most important and we should also try to include our keyword phrases into our H1 and H3 tag Headings within our post.

Head & Subheads

Utilizing Page Content

Large content is much better than short content. We have to use keywords in our body content. We must keep in mind, density of a keyword should not be more than 3-5%. Page contents should have Bold, Italic, Underline on our keyword phrase. We will use all 3 but don’t overdo it and will try to use them once in every 100 words.

Page Content

placing Internal-Linking

For SEO, Internal-Linking is very important. We can build Internal-Linking by using anchor text.
The code for Internal-Linking:<a herf=””>Domain Name</a>

Internal Linking

Applying Image Alt Tag

Search Engine bot can’t read any image. To overcome this problem we have to use alt tag.
The code for Image alt tags:<img src=”IMAGE FILE PATH” alt=”IMAGE NAME” />

Image Alt Tag

Frankly speaking, i am not an Expert in Search Engine Optimization and still learning. I shared some of my knowledge with you. If you have any query about the topics you can post and also can share your Expertise knowledge with us in our comments section.

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